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Learn about sustainable agriculture and why it matters when it comes to producing organic CBD-rich Hemp oil. 

There is so much more that goes into crafting CBD oil than most people realize. The best CBD oil comes from the best Hemp, and the best Hemp is cultivated organically. This article discusses the best cultivation methods for growing organic CBD-rich Hemp plants and why it matters when it comes to making CBD oil. 

CBD-Rich Genetics 

The key to producing a high-quality hemp crop starts with plant genetics. There are many different varieties, or strains, of Hemp. 

Each unique variety of Hemp produces a particular profile of compounds including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. And some types of Hemp produce higher concentrations of CBD or cannabidiol than others.

Our CBD-rich Hemp genetics were hand-selected for their High-CBD and terpene-rich profile. That means our Hemp produces higher amounts of CBD in fewer plants, reducing our overall footprint both environmentally and economically. 

Genetics plays a strong part in determining the resulting CBD oil quality derived from the plant, but it’s not the only influential factor that affects the quality of a CBD-rich Hemp crop.  

Living Soil for CBD-rich Hemp 

Cultivating any plant, such as Hemp, will affect the soil, and whether it’s grown indoors or outdoor, CBD-rich Hemp needs living soil full of healthy microorganisms, minerals, and nutrients.

We cultivate living soil on our Hemp farm by leveraging nature’s natural processes in what’s known as, Biodynamics. Biodynamics is a type of regenerative agriculture that focuses on sustainability. 

By utilizing organic composting methods and maintaining a 100% organic-only policy in our soil we’re able to create living soils, plant feeds, and pest control organically and sustainably. 

Using biodynamic cultivation methods optimizes the potential of our CBD-rich Hemp genetics to produce vital and healthy CBD-rich flowers. The ultimate results are Hemp plants with a healthy profile of cannabinoids filled with high concentrations of CBD and rich terpenes. 

We choose to cultivate Hemp using organic methods not only to reduce our environmental impact but also to ensure our CBD is always free from any potential pesticides. 

We feel good about using regenerative cultivation methods to restore soil, rather than creating soil erosion and chemical pollution with traditional farming techniques. 


Harvesting the Hemp crop is just as important, if not more, than every other factor that goes into the ultimate quality of CBD including genetics and environment. The vast majority of cannabinoids and terpenes in Hemp flowers aren’t even mature until the final few weeks before maturity. 

Harvesting the crop too earlier can cause a low-quality chemical profile, but waiting too long to harvest Hemp also changes the ideal combination of Hemp compounds. Hemp has to be harvested at the precise moment of peak maturity to ensure the best CBD oil outcome. 

Most of the Hemp industry chooses to opt into the drying and curing process after harvesting, however, this puts the plant’s character and cannabinoid profile at risk. It also produces the risk of mold, mildew, and other problems that impact the drying flowers.

We feel that preserving the optimal cannabinoid profile of our hand-selected hemp genetics at the precise moment of peak maturity is our main goal. That’s why instead of letting our flowers dry out in a field or warehouse, we take them straight from the harvest into a cryogenic freezer. 

This quickly freezes the cannabinoids and terpenes into place, preserving the plant’s natural chemical profile as nature intended. 

Seed to Shelf 

After harvest and cryogenic freezing, we use organic ethanol distillation to separate the unwanted plant waxes and other materials from the desirable Hemp compounds. The alcohol gently removes the crystallized CBD-rich trichomes from the flowers and is then softly evaporated leaving very clean, pure, powerful CBD extract that tastes natural. 

The organic CBD extract is then used to create our all-natural CBD products. We oversee and manage all aspects of our CBD oil from seed to shelf and guarantee that they’re of the highest quality. We grow CBD-rich Hemp organically and sustainably, then we craft it with USDA Organic certified ingredients into CBD oil that you can use. It’s that simple. 

We promise to never compromise our Hemp farm or our CBD oil quality with the influence of outside investors. Our Hemp farm is a co-op of individuals that have complete ownership and we’re all dedicated to crafting sustainable organic CBD Hemp. 

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Ten percent of our CBD production goes to qualified low-income recipients that need CBD oil but otherwise couldn’t afford it. Another ten percent of our revenue goes towards lobbying for better regulations and stricter guidelines in the CBD Hemp industry. 

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