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Learn about the most common health problems in horses and how CBD may help. 

The most common health issues for horses are related to pain, stress, and inflammation. Can CBD help horse health? 

Taking care of horses is a full-time job! It’s a lot more than roaming the open range and jumping the beams. It means taking care to ensure they are happy and healthy.

While serious health problems always require veterinary care, thousands of horse owners are using CBD to successfully help their horse’s health. This article goes over the most common health issues in horses and how CBD may be able to improve horses’ quality of life and overall health and wellness. 


CBD and Horse Health


Be sure to read our article on CBD for Horses to learn more about how CBD works in horse health. This article covers the most common health issues in horses that CBD may be able to help with. Remember, always keep fresh, clean water for horses and be careful with their diet. Horses have sensitive a digestive system that derives most of its energy from fermentation in the hindgut. 


CBD is not considered to be toxic or intoxicating and won’t make your horse feel stoned or “high”. CBD may interact with other types of pharmaceuticals and alter its effect. Always consult an equine veterinarian about your horse’s health issues and talk to them about CBD Hemp oil to help with some of the most common horse health issues below. 


Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Mobility

Problems related to joint pain, stiffness, and mobility are among the most common health issues with horses and there is no cure. CBD targets joint pain and stiffness by activating the endocannabinoid system and triggering other neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. 


By suppressing inflammatory cytokine compounds and the stress hormone cortisol, CBD reduces the swelling, stiffness, and pain associated with autoimmune system conditions. CBD’s analgesic properties also reduce signaling and perception of pain between the body and brain. 


Although conducted on dogs, one study on CBD and osteoarthritis in animals found that CBD oil significantly reduced pain and improved activity. Countless horse owners are using CBD to help with their horse’s mobility and wellbeing; however, further research is needed to confirm any benefit for specific medical conditions such as osteoarthritis. 


Laminitis is a serious horse health condition that causes painful structural changes in the hoof. Since they stand nearly all the time, the associated pain and inflammation with Laminitis is noticeably uncomfortable for horses. 

The symptoms of Laminitis are easy to spot. You might notice that your horse –

  • Has an increased heart rate
  • Is reluctant to walk or move
  • Rocks on their heels
  • Has hot hooves for several hours

Can CBD help with Laminitis in horses? Laminitis is a serious health issue that requires a vet’s care. Talk to your vet about how CBD’s anti-inflammatory pain-relieving properties may benefit your horse’s quality of life. 

Back Pain

Show horses frequently endure hours of training and competition. The hard work takes its toll on the horse’s back, commonly causing serious back pain. If you notice a change in your horse’s behavior, performance, or mobility it could be related to back pain. If you notice your horse is in pain, let them rest and give them a break. 

Back pain in horses is typically related to inflammation and soreness. CBD works to relax muscles and nerves, and reduce inflammation and pain signaling through a process called retrograde signalingTriggered by CBD, this biological mechanism essentially puts the breaks on painful inflammation and reduces the perception of pain. 


Main, Coat, Hair, and Tail Health.

Horses are notorious for developing skin issues that are itchy, irritating, and painful. Give your horse relief with topical CBD Horse salve. Topical CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream and therefore won’t act internally, however, it will directly absorb into the skin tissues. There, it interacts with CB2 cannabinoid receptors, which are directly related health of skin and hair cells. 

Beyond helping with issues related to skin pain and inflammation, CBD boosts the skin and coat’s natural process of regulating cell health through improving endocannabinoid tone and signaling, which influences cell apoptosis and regeneration.  

We recommend trying out CBD Horse Salve for skin and coat issues. 

Learn More About CBD for Horses

Thanks for reading! Ready to try CBD with your horse? 

CBD may improve the overall quality of life, health, and wellness of your horse. Join those already finding relief and helping their horse’s health naturally with CBD Hemp oil by clicking the link below to shop our latest catalog of CBD for horses.

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