With over 21 years in our household Diva was our source of joy giving us so many memories and adventures. Being 140 y/o in human years had it’s challenges like lack of vision, joint pain and many other chronic and age related health issues. We discovered CBD through a relative, who’s also the manager and senior farmer from Fat Pig Society. Using the drops and pet treats Diva gave us 2+ extra years of life. From being always sleeping she started walking again, had more energy and her overall health improved significantly.

Through the progress we saw in her overall health CBD allowed us to stop using pain medication. At the end due to the severe pain we gave her pain medication but our CBD oil was what we used to calm her down. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Diva this year but our memories with her will always stay in our hearts, we are forever grateful for these 21+ years.

Thank you Divita!